Authentic Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Stave

Straight from the barrel, our Tennessee whiskey barrel staves are full of character. We don’t clean or sand them so they can keep all of their original rustic look. The interior side of the stave is dark charred and the exterior is naturally golden stained with original ring marks.

Crafting possibilities are endless! These staves are the perfect size and material for any improvement project to add rustic decor in your home. Some ideas include bar fronts, tap handles, sconces, signs, wall coverings, and more. Let your creativity roam free!

Each barrel stave is approximately 35-37 inches long, and 1-2 inches wide. 

Our natural wood pieces are beautiful and unique.  Every piece of wood is different from the next. As such, the Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Stave you purchase may not exactly resemble the ones on our website.  However, it will be beautifully and uniquely yours.

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Full Of Character

Our wood isn't dull and clean of all "imperfections". We love the story that a board full of character tells. All the knots, wormholes, and natural grain give a lovely and unique look to your finished work. 

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